GCM Awards Night

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Photo: GCM award recipients with GCM chair Prof. Ian Baitz (left) & dean Dr. Gerd Hauck (2nd from left).

Photo: GCM award recipients with GCM chair Prof. Ian Baitz (left) & dean Dr. Gerd Hauck (2nd from left).

On November 7, 2013 GCM hosted its annual awards night. During this event many students are honoured for their academic achievements and scholarships that they received. The lecture hall in our building was filled to capacity with students, parents and friends and also faculty and staff and of course members of the industry. Overall awards in the total amount of $ 95,000 were handed out to many students. The largest amount in regards to scholarships were all the recipients of the Canadian Printing Industry Scholarship Trust Find. It was a nice evening that gave everyone many opportunities to meet and greet. It also gave the students the chance to thank those supporters that were present to thank them in person for their generosity.

Gordon Graydon Career Day

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gordon-graydon-logoGordon Graydon has initiated a new program called Graphic  Design Management or GDM. This program complements their IBT (International Business and Technology program) using the same academic teachers and facilities. Flexography is one of the mandatory courses in this program. The GDM program is open to any student in Ontario to apply to, even if you are not in Peel. Many of you may have children or know of someone that may wish to apply. Go to GordonGraydon.com for the application information. You can apply in Grade 9, 10 or 11 for the program.

Peter is looking for industry support, with set up displays for the students, or even a visit from industry members. See details below:

“In conjunction with promoting this we are hosting a career in “Flexo/Packaging” day on Friday December 6 as we have done in the past. It will be held in the Gym and I really need everyone that could do it to come out for the morning to sell our industry. School starts at 8 am so we must be set up by then. At 12 noon we will conclude and a hot lunch will be served. Please commit, by sending a reply to the following email: peter.belanger@peelsb.com. I already have confirmation from Canflexographics, Sun Chemical, Ryerson and H Moore. Hopefully everyone will be able to help or encourage others to get involved. We will have 100 to 200 people in the gym every half hour, so we need many voices to address them ensuring that they don’t leave or get bored”.

WHEN: Friday, December 6, 2013
WHERE: Gordon Graydon Memorial Secondary School Gym
TIME: 8:00 am – 12:00 pm
RSVP to: peter.belanger@peelsb.com

Please come and support our future flexographers!

Scholarships Awarded to Gordon Gray Alumnae

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cftc-fta-logosCFTC Chairman Ron Schroder recently attended Ryerson’s Graphic Communication Management Awards night at the request of FTA President Mark Cisternino to award two FTA Student scholarships. Pictured receiving their awards with Ron are freshman (and Gordon Graydon Alumnus) Daniel Langsford and fourth year student Tabea Lemcke. Daniel is also the recipient of one of three CFTC scholarships awarded this year along with Li-Anne Chang (2nd year – also a Gordon Graydon Alumnus) and Catriona Bularan (2nd year).


(Left to Right) Daniel Langsford, Ryerson Student; Ron Schroder, CFTC Chairman; and Tabea Lemcke, Ryerson Student.